Best Laptop Under $500

Those on a budget may be amazed to discover today, just how much notebook computer you may get for less than $500. Because they are user friendly, receptive and meet fundamental processing requirements Chromebooks are coming on strong. Favor Windows? You can even pick up a Windows-8 notebook with touch at under $350. Of picking best laptop under $500 the strategy is locating the one that offers everything you value most, whether it is mobility, functionality, screen quality or relaxation. Here will be the top notebooks available today for less than $500.

Asus Ebook X205TA

Having a battery life of over 1 2 hrs, among the most affordable notebooks with this listing also continues the best. At $200, the 1 1-inch Asus EeeBook X205TA provides a cost-effective alternative for basic processing requirements, using a 1.7-GHz Intel processor, 2GB of Memory, a 32GB thumb drive and 1TB of cloud-storage. Weighing in at just 2.16 lbs, the X205TA is simple to take with you-no matter how far from an electrical outlet you wander.

Samsung ChromeBook 12


The Chromebook 2 is superior in terms of Chrome OS notebooks move, but it is worth the little splurge because of its full-hd that is stunning, 1-3- inch screen and Skullcandy that are punchy -run loudspeaker systems. The Airlike layout does not damage either. This Chromebook continued almost 8 hours to the Notebook Magazine Battery-Test, and that means you’ll get work completed have a lot of time to browse and play with games between costs.

HP ChromeBook 14

If if you are buying for a Chromebook there is no need to be satisfied with a small display. Hewlett-Packard’s Chromebook 14 sports a vibrant 14-inch screen in a layout which can be found in three colour choices that are fashionable. In addition , we enjoy the almost 8 hrs of battery lifetime. Hewlett-Packard also tosses in 200MB of free 4 connection a month, in order to get on the web with no Wifi hot-spot.